What is Natural Joint Mobility?


First of all, it is a principle or a philosophy. The following is my first attempt to define this:


Natural Joint Mobility: The Principle


The details of the human body have been evolved by the activities that we have habitually done for the last five million years.

We must find ways in our modern lifestyle of simulating these activities and modifying or avoiding activities that conflict with the evolved use of the body




This naturally leads on to a lifestyle. (The term ‘lifestyle’ is maybe a bit strong for the relatively simple changes in habits).



Natural Joint Mobility

A Lifestyle

Based on Looseness

Limited by the LBP Enigma

This is described in the Section the NJM Lifestyle





There is one very obvious difference between those of us who live a western lifestyle and those who live almost as we evolved.

 We, ‘civilised westerners’ become hopelessly tight in our muscles and get worse, and more achey and stiff, with age.

Many of these joint problems can be corrected best by stretching the relevant muscles.

This is covered in the Section Therapeutic Stretches





The design of items used in lifestyle must take this principle into account.



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