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A replacement seat for any car.


Backseat was the culmination of twenty years’ work and numerous prototype car seats. We had great faith that

a real business could be founded and that this would provide the trigger to get a real acceptance of the ideas.

Sadly, this did not happen. No publicity was generated despite several authorities on car seats being very

enthusiastic. Some of these comments are below.


Terry Moule, osteopath and authority on car seating: "This brilliant and unique design is an invaluable feature in giving drivers the chance to sit comfortably and reduce the wear and tear inherent to driving".

Mike Fuller, series producer, ITV's motoring programme, The Road Show: "A pioneering design that I am convinced will be very effective in reducing the number of back problems caused by driving."

Driver, Steven Casemore ..."Im very impressed with my BackSeat. I've averaged 30,000 miles a year for 15 years and this is the best car seat I have ever had. A recent 7 hour journey that would normally wear me out left me feeling fresh on arrival and my back felt good".

Driver, Dr. Diane Gyi, Ergonomist at Loughborough University says: "As an individual - I found this seat excellent. As I drove, my back eased into it in a very natural way and at the end of a two hour, stop/start, heavy traffic, stressful journey, I arrived feeling fresh. It also gave me good shoulder support - which (as I am 5ft tall) is not normally possible.

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