Car Seats


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Introduction, Statistics etc.


Professor Mark Porter


Experiments, Prototype Car Seats, Prototype and Production Office Chairs, Home Chairs  etc up to 2014 from 1981


The “Bumps” ie Portable Car Seat Pelvic Supports


Seatback. Pelvic Support fixed to your car seat.




After Multiple car seat prototypes and experiments it was decided in about 1998 to manufacture a car seat incorporating pelvic support which could be fitted into any car. We named this “Backseat” and registered a company to develop and manufacture the seat. This was Gorman Design Ltd.  Design, development and initial sales were successful but no publicity was obtained, despite employing successively two marketing consultants and costly advertising, so sales could not support the costs and the company was deregistered in 2003. 


Backseat Design Philosophy


How is Backseat Different?


References for Backseat