Doís and Dontís of Natural Joint Mobility




Slump-sit on the ground (half an hour per day).

Do squat (10 minutes per day minimum).

Do learn Alexander sitting.

Always use Pelvic Supports in a car, train, plane, theatre, etc (or slouch Ė but not if you are driving).

Do have a short daily routine of stretching exercises (particularly hip joint).

Do have a forward tilted seat at your office desk and a pelvic support backrest when you use it.


Never sit in a lumbar support seat or chair.

Never sit with direct support to the lumbar or lower thoracic spine (from the waist to the bottom of the shoulder blades).

Donít try to sit up straight if you are sitting on a low chair with knees above hips. Sit slumped instead.

Donít try to sit up straight when sitting on the ground Ė sit slumped.

Donít wear belts, jeans etc that restrict the expansion of the abdomen when the spine bends. The abdomen must expand when the spine bends!

Donít wear tight jeans, trousers or skirts that restrict the hip joint mobility.




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