Answer to Question 13


At the time of writing, Christmas 2016, we have made our “retirement house move” and I am no longer involved in the manufacture or supply of any seating products. My patent on the principle of pelvic support expired in 2007.


There are therefore no restrictions on the development or manufacture of pelvic support seating products.











The principle should be obvious from these pictures of the car seat manufactured by Gorman Design Ltd in 2002 and the office chair manufactured by Pelvic Posture Ltd in about 1998














































Theses pictures show the way that the pelvic support in these seats wraps

 round the iliac crest of the pelvis to stop the pelvis rolling back in the

 way that happens in any other seat.


This picture is of one of the many prototype car seats incorporating adjustable

 pelvic support that were made around 2005.










My experience in thirty-five years suggests however that the general use of pelvic support in chairs and car

seats will only happen after there is a medical acceptance of the explanation of low back pain proposed in this website.




I now think this is more likely to occur after the “Markwalder Operation” described in the Answer to Question 10

is found to be successful in “curing” non-specific low back pain.


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