This website is based on the work of John Gorman, engineer and chiropractor.


Born 1943. Lagos Nigeria


University; Cambridge. Christs College. Engineering.1962-1965

Post degree year -Control Engineering


Career. 1965- 1969. English Electric, Stafford, England

Training in various departments followed by design of control systems for steel rolling mills.


1969-1982. Digital Equipment Company. Maynard, Mass. USA, Munich, Germany and Reading, England. Various positions including Design Engineer, Applications Engineer, Marketing Manager and Project Manager.


1982-1987 Independent research into causes and treatment of low back pain including design and manufacture of prototype car seats and chairs and small volume manufacture and sale of office chairs and home chairs.


1987 Submission of paper to Spine based on this research and development. Not published.


1987 till 2015. I remained in this field for the rest of my career. I am now 73 and retired. I qualified as a chiropractor in 1989 and practised till 2014, twenty-five years. During this time, I used McKenzie (a physiotherapy system) for most cases of acute low back pain. I trained with the McKenzie Institute UK in 1989 or 1990. McKenzie is entirely compatible with this argument.


I also manufactured office chairs (as Pelvic Posture Ltd 1989 2002) and replacement car seats (as Gorman Design Ltd.) These chairs and car seats were based, not on lumbar support, but on pelvic support as described in my US patent number 4911502. This patent was granted in about 1985 and expired in 2007.


I am not now involved in chiropractic or any manufacture or sales.


I married Yvonne Robson in 1989 and our two children are working in London.


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