The Last One Hundred Million Years


This article was written in 1987 in the book ‘Update 87’ which was an update to my 1984 book ‘The Cause of LBP’. It is reproduced here without change. Some details may be superseded by recent discoveries but the important parts on the evolution of bipedalism don’t need any change.


It is only in my coverage of recent evolution of Homo Sapiens from Erectus or possibly from the Neanderthals that what I wrote may conflict with recent discoveries. I would recommend particularly the recent book ‘The Seven Daughters of Eve’ which shows that we evolved in Africa. (PS written in 2015. I do realise that we evolved in Africa and the Neanderthals evolved in Europe but I can’t modify the following because:


This article is reproduced by scanning the original as I don’t have any word files from 1986!










-----I read very recently that these genetic dates have been revised with further research and do now fit the anthropology

JG 2016



-------Some of my comments on back pain on this page should be read remembering that they were written in 1985 ----



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